September 18, 2018, 12:10 PM

J D Greear said,

The measure of success of any church ought not to be its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.


August 8, 2018, 2:11 PM

Enjoy a Good Prune


A Good Prune: What to throw out, cut, and cull from life. 

It is a fruit snack that produces good results. 

The worn out shoes as stained shirt need donated to the trash can. This is a prune. 

Years ago someone gave tables to our retreat center. I donated they to the dumpster. Moldy tables are an unacceptable and unusable gift.

Recently we sent a charcoal grill to the scrap iron pile. It had rusted through. It was a good prune.

I asked Jesus to help me with my attitude. I have been extra critical on some issues lately.  Confession is a good prune.

The Bible is a mirror to my soul. It speaks to me. I am the subject with the flaws and obstacles. I need things cut off, cut out, and thinned so the good fruit God is creating in me can grow. 

Stuff, can be an obstacle. What I thought I needed so badly, now has become a ball and chain dragging me down. 

Some things I cannot do without are Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord. His blessings and strength produce good results. The blessing of my wife. She and I make a good team. The worship and intercession of God’s church family. We arrive together in God’s kingdom. When Jesus returns we arrive together. 

By pruning as you go, the blessings arrive sooner rather than later.  

Giving is a way of pruning. you don’t have to carry the extra weight of selfishness and you receive the joy your giving provides to God’s people.


Have a Prune!



May 9, 2018, 10:03 AM

Did Jesus Really Say That?

Did Jesus Really Say That?

Mark 10:17-31 gives the encounter Jesus had with the rich ruler and then with the disciples.Jesus told this rich person the very same thing that he had previously told his disciples. He told him to sell off everything, give it to the poor, and come follow me.

The disciples left their boats to follow Jesus, but they were astonished when Jesus told the rich person to do the same. They thought this man did not need to leave everything to follow Jesus. They were willing to make an exception to Jesus’ demands to “leave everything behind” and follow me.

The rich person missed out on so many things that could have been, if he had followed Jesus:

the joy of selling off the things that we are stewards of to be able to give to others

the joy of giving to others and to the Kingdom of the Savior

the truth he had experienced in Christ could now be duplicated in new believers

the future encounters and experiences also carry the future vision (Mark 10:30) into every equation, difficulty, and challenge in life

the blessing of empowering fellow believers with the knowledge and permission to achieve great things to the Lord Jesus

The basic direction for every believer is found in moving forward in Jesus Christ. This is the only direction. You can give everything away as God empowers you and move forward in Jesus Christ.

“For with God, all things are possible.”

Living for His Return,

Bro. Bob

April 18, 2018, 12:24 PM

What is your business?

How is your business going?

My business is "people." Every church is built on people changed by Jesus Christ to live in his image. The problems and obstacles we have revolve around people.  

If you are short on money, you are actually short on enough people to pay the bills.

If your congregation is struggling with discontent, you do not have enough of them involved in ministry projects. Believers who are busy working do not have time or energy to complain.

Where the expectations are lowered, you get a lesser quality product in the faith. It all begins with the pastor and staff members.  They need to work hard, share responsibilities with others, and find ways to measure the accomplishments of faithful worshippers who work.

I have yet to find a community where there is a shortage of unbelieving and unchurched people. They need the healthy presentation of the gospel message placed within their grasp.

Our business is found in presenting the good news of Jesus Christ to the worshipping church and the non worshippping community. Our needs are met as we meet the needs of those not too far away from where we live.