August 8, 2018, 2:11 PM

Enjoy a Good Prune


A Good Prune: What to throw out, cut, and cull from life. 

It is a fruit snack that produces good results. 

The worn out shoes as stained shirt need donated to the trash can. This is a prune. 

Years ago someone gave tables to our retreat center. I donated they to the dumpster. Moldy tables are an unacceptable and unusable gift.

Recently we sent a charcoal grill to the scrap iron pile. It had rusted through. It was a good prune.

I asked Jesus to help me with my attitude. I have been extra critical on some issues lately.  Confession is a good prune.

The Bible is a mirror to my soul. It speaks to me. I am the subject with the flaws and obstacles. I need things cut off, cut out, and thinned so the good fruit God is creating in me can grow. 

Stuff, can be an obstacle. What I thought I needed so badly, now has become a ball and chain dragging me down. 

Some things I cannot do without are Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord. His blessings and strength produce good results. The blessing of my wife. She and I make a good team. The worship and intercession of God’s church family. We arrive together in God’s kingdom. When Jesus returns we arrive together. 

By pruning as you go, the blessings arrive sooner rather than later.  

Giving is a way of pruning. you don’t have to carry the extra weight of selfishness and you receive the joy your giving provides to God’s people.


Have a Prune!