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Jonah 5

Jonah 5

    As I share some information about Jonah I want you to think about this: How would you conclude Jonah’s life and ministry. We are not told the conclusion of his story in the Bible. How do you think it would go?

   Jonah is known for running from the presence of the Lord, being swallowed by a big fish, and reluctantly preaching in Nineveh, then complaining because the city was not destroyed as he had predicted.

   Jonah’s message is what the focus must be on. The message from God is what changed the people. Jonah was merely the messenger. The message contained God’s judgment and grace. God saw a great number of people and animals needing His grace which would come through repentance. And God sent Jonah. God prepared the messenger, so his message would be delivered and believed.

   God’s message of His grace traveled all over the known world westward to Tarshish and eastward to Nineveh and beyond. Sailors became the messengers going west. They were transformed by a mighty act of God through their encounter with the Reluctant Prophet Jonah.

   Nineveh was transformed through this prophet’s story and message. Just like our day, we marvel at an amazing story of transformation. Jonah has survived inside the big fish for three days and three nights. Jonah had to have looked like he was in the big fish’s belly for three days and nights. Think about it, he was bleached from head to toe from the stomach fluids of the big fish. His clothes were a mess. He smelled like he had been fishing and had yet to completely clean up from the ordeal. He looked very different from the regulars that came out of Israel in those days. He definitely was noticed and talked about by everyone. Every coffee shop, caravan, and shop keeper talked about this strange man and his appearance. Then they heard the message.

   Some very good things took place from his ministry. I am very thankful the message from Jonah is open ended. We only have a chapter telling of his frustration over the kindness God was showing to this wicked city.

Did Jonah go back to Jerusalem?

Did Jonah live out his days in Nineveh?

Did Jonah preach the good news God had sent their way and celebrate with them God’s grace that was provided?

My thoughts on Jonah:

  1. Jonah was worn out from his experiences in the sea, the travel to Nineveh, and the preaching crusade that had just taken place.
  2. Jonah was just like us, after a strenuous period of time, you break down. You need rest in order to worship and received direction from the Lord.
  3. God speaks to us from a state of rest, not a state of frenzy. God provided the message for Jonah to speak. And God also used it to bring them to repentance.
  4. Jonah had a very hard time celebrating the repentance that took place. Repentance is where the relationship with our Savior begins, yet Jonah was not able to accept their repentance as genuine.

Jonah 5      Now it is your turn. How would you finish his story?




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