March 13, 2019, 8:00 AM

Who is Your One?

The North American Mission Board is promoting "Who's Your One?" this is an Evangelism Emphasis to assist and inspire us to pray for someone to come to Christ. 

This is a Personal Commitment in the exercise of our Faith in Jesus Christ.

I spoke with a farmer recently. He was not always a farmer. But, when he became a land owner caring for his own farm, he became a better farmer. There was commitment to succeed. There was risk involved and obstacles to overcome. 

In much the same way, until you are personally invested in the need to share Christ, you are merely a critic or an observer with a commentary.

Someone once criticized Dwight Moody for the way he shared Christ with lost people. He asked, "what is your system for sharing Christ?" The response was, "I don't have one. I just don't like yours." Moody followed, "I think I will stick with my method."

Stop criticizing, start sharing Jesus. It all begins with a personal commitment. Ask Jesus Christ to give you the words, the right person who is open to the Gospel Message, and the right attitude in presenting Jesus. Who is Your One?


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