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The Sandy Creek Baptist Association serves Southern Baptist Churches in Western Illinois. We serve Southern Baptist Churches located in Western Illinois.  These churches are scattered throughout these counties: Schuyler, Cass, Morgan, Scott, Greene, Macoupin, and Jersey.

Our context is rural in nature with 80% of our churches being served by bi-vocational pastors.

Our overall emphasis is on Strengthening local churches and Sending believers on Mission. Is God calling you?


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Prayer for Sandy Creek Baptist Association, churches and pastors:

O Father, thank you for sending the best you have in Servant Leaders to our churches. Thank you for reaching the lost through local churches. May we become all that you have in mind through the opportunities and challenges we face.  Please God, use me and use every ministry of our association to extend your kingdom all for your glory.

Churches without Pastors:  

Athensville Baptist Church, Roodhouse

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Roodhouse Praise the Lord, Eric Kirgan begins his ministry Jan. 2018

First Southern Baptist Church, Rushville

   Youngblood Baptist Church, Murrayville

Otterville Baptist Church, Jerseyville



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