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The Sandy Creek Baptist Association serves Southern Baptist Churches in Western Illinois. Our member churches are scattered out across seven counties that border the Illinois River. Our context is rural with 90% of the churches being served with bi-vocational pastors. 

Our emphasis is on Strengthening the local church and Sending believers to opportunities of service.


Contact Information

Sandy Creek Baptist Association
PO Box 199
215 Cunningham St
Murrayville, Illinois 62668
Phone (217)882-2231


  • The Tabernacle Experience

    Under "Links" tab we have a short video of the The Tabernacle Experience for you to view. Please pray with our Association's leadership about bringing this event to the Sandy Creek Retreat Center in the coming months.


  • Disaster Relief Opportunity

    At this time, the Disaster Relief Community is getting organized.  If you would like to serve, I can help direct you to the right person (s) to help you serve in the Carolina's due to Hurricane Florence.

    Look at your calendar, we will match you up with a team serving at the time you have to offer.

  • Current Retreat Center Need

    I want to praise the Lord for the new Dining Hall.  At this time we request that you seek the Lord for paying off our indebtedness of $37,600.   Whatever the Lord may call you to contribute is deeply appreciated.  

    We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for providing additional funds to pay down our Dining Hall loan.  At the end of September $3500 was sent toward the loan principle.  Additional funds have been received in October.

   October 2018   

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